Born in Taipei, raised in Los Angeles. Lived in Brooklyn and then went to university in San Francisco. Growing up in diverse cosmopolises really inspired me to combine different design elements and be experimental with colors, shapes and forms. From a young age, I had an insatiable curiosity to test the limit of my imagination and creativity. As an Aries with a Sagittarius Moon, I have an impulse for exploring ideas and a passion for putting together concepts. As a textile artist, I love the creative flexibility of moving across all mediums from graphic design to the visual arts. I hope to continuously challenge myself creatively by collaborating with different designers and brands or just like-minded souls that to create!

Textile and work aside, I enjoy graphic design, documenting life, traveling, curating inspiration, screen-printing and deep philosophical conversations.

Nice to meet you! Let's collaborate & create! 

-Peggy ☺︎

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