Born in Taipei, raised in Los Angeles. Lived in Brooklyn—now creating in San Francisco. Growing up in different and diverse cosmopolises really embedded in me the ideology of combining design and culture from a young age. To me textile design is the combination of art and design with society, culture and history. My artistic philosophy is to always be open minded, curious and aware because creativity is a reflection of our awareness about the environment and the cultures and people around us. 

Yayoi Kusama, Diana Vreeland, Henri Matisse, Édouard Manet, Katsuji Wakisaka, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Katharine Hamnett are my biggest inspirations!

Textile and work aside, I enjoy documenting life, traveling, curating inspiration and printmaking (linocutting, silkscreen & etching).

Nice to meet you! Let's collaborate, create & celebrate! 

-Peggy ☺︎

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